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Simon Baier

 Simon is a research assistant in the field of remote sensing at Technical University of Munich (TUM). Currently he is working on methods to describe reed ecosystem parameters with the help of hyperpectral and LiDAR data. Besides geoinformatics he loves to do outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing.


author_manMatthias Schlögl

Matthias studied Environmental and Bio-Resources Management with a specialization in Environmental Information Management at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Vienna). He is currently a PhD student working at the Austrian Institute of Technology. Having written his master’s thesis about extreme weather risk identification for the Austrian road network, he currently focuses on modeling of adverse weather events as a basis for risk assessment of road infrastructure networks.


author_manPiergiorgio Roveda (Retired Author)

Piergiorgo is a Urban planner from Italy. He deals with spatial data for over ten years and collaborates with local governments and professionals to improve public service and smart city. After studying at the University Nova in Lisbon and graduating from the Politecnico di Milano in urban planning, he has adopted the use of GIS open source in the professional field as concrete alternative to proprietary software.
When we talk about free technology, OpenData, networks and geography on the web – he created the Linux User Group in Legnano and participates in the Italian community of OpenStreetMap. He is  a trees mapper, sunday biker and instagrammer.


author_manMartin Šiklar

Martin was born in Czech Republic and studied at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna.
He is currently working at an Earth Observation Company in Austria, specialised in Land Monitoring. His main interests are: Open-source applications like R, (geospatial) statistics and data-management, web-mapping and visualization. He loves travelling, geocaching, photography and TV series.


author_manRupert Wilhelm

Rupert studied Environmental and Bio-Resources Management with the specialization in Environmental Information Management at University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. His passion is data mining. At the present time, he is developing statistical tools for spatial data in R. He likes to stay anonymous as much as possible  and loves to do outdoor activities.



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