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contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2017), processed by ESA

First Sentinel-2B images available

Hey remote sensing enthusiasts!
It’s been about one week since the start of the second Sentinel-2 satellite. ESA anncounced today very proudly that Sentinel-2B already delivered it’s first images starting somewhere over the baltic sea, going over eastern europe and ending in Lybia. Here a snapshot from the coast of

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Latest GIS News

GIS related Webinars – Overview

Hey out there!
Today I would like to give you an overview on upcoming and (free) available webinars for GIS, Web mapping and R.

Webinars are very useful to get new insights into new software and developments. Usually they are held by professionals and developers and after each webinar session you

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The FOSS4G is finished: what do we do now?

For nearly all of last week users of GIS software across Europe (and beyond) attendedthe FOSS4G, the international gathering organized by OSGeo, this time held at Politecnico di Milano in Como, Italy.

The OSGeo Foundation was created to give support to the development of collaborative software geographical (or geospatial) open source

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Cloud-masking Sentinel-2

Hey there!
Sentinel-2 is a relatively new satellite and cloud masking still is a big issue with this sensor. There are many ways on how to get cloud free images of Sentinel-2A (hopefully 2B soon as well). Here is an overview on possible technologies you can use, as well as

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GIS open source for schools


ASITA is the Federation of Scientific Associations for Territorial and Environmental Information, that after a few months after the international FOSS4G, he returned to Italy to talk about GIS.

Many public and private actors, as HERE, Noovle, ARCADIA SIT presented the status of the digital map.

In the afternoon, directly from the

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Latest GIS News

Latest GIS News | Week 22/2015

Hey folks!

I am back with the “Latest GIS News”. Read the latest articles on GIS and Remote Sensing related topics from all kinds of media:  tweets, blog posts, newspaper articles, developers sites, etc. Come back every week to check out whats happening in the GIS world and stay up to

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