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ASITA is the Federation of Scientific Associations for Territorial and Environmental Information, that after a few months after the international FOSS4G, he returned to Italy to talk about GIS.

Many public and private actors, as HERE, Noovle, ARCADIA SIT presented the status of the digital map.

In the afternoon, directly from the FOSS4G GFOSS foundation he held a seminar talking about the evolution of the open source GIS software, as Spatialite, QGis and GRASS. Very interesting presentation of Geonode, a CMS that is also a WebGIS.

The Conference ASITA (over 20 year) is a meeting between researchers, practitioners, teachers, professionals, public and private institutions and companies operating in the fields of acquisition, management and representation of spatial data and environmental.

The scientific objective is to foster dialogue and the deepening of specific issues by promoting a multidisciplinary, integrated vision of the field of Geomatics.



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