Matthias' Post

EO4Alps – The Alps from Space Workshop

Hi all,

I am currently attending the EO4Alps conference in Innsbruck, Austria. The objectives of this interesting workshop are:

  • Assessing the status and priority interests in the European Alpine Region for Earth Science, geo-information and operational monitoring;
  • Reviewing the main activities, projects and initiatives taking place in the different Alpine application

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Orbital Reflector

Dear all,

after some time off we’re back – with some art:

On 3 December, Orbital Reflector (ORS-1) was launched aboard a Falcon-9 rocket, and will continue to orbit Earth for about two months. Orbital reflector is a  temporary satellite which does neither serve any scientific nor technical purpose. Rather, the installation

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Natural Hazard blog of the EGU NH division is online

Dear all,

in late December, the new blog of the Natural Hazards Division of the European Geoscience Union was officially introduced.

The blog is maintained on a voluntary basis by the Natural Hazards Early Career Scientist Team (NhET).

The blog is intended to feature posts on topics related to natural hazards, open discussions,

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