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Thesis offense

Dear readers,

as you might have noticed, we’ve been on a short hiatus. I have been busy finishing my PhD, and I eventually defended my thesis at the end of October.

While I haven’t been actively writing for the blog, I have collected several interesting topics I’d like to feature here –

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Happy Birthday !

Dear Followers!
It’s January once again and is celebrating its second birthday!
We would like to thank you for all your visits, views, clicks and comments and we are looking forward to the year 2017 which will bring the following new features:

  • Sentinel-2 Gallery with processed Sentinel-2 scenes: We are

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Sentinel 1-B Launch - Image by ESA

Sentinel 1-B Launch: Watch Live!

Hey there! There is some exciting news about the Sentinel Satellites:

The second in the two-satellite Sentinel-1 radar mission is set for launch from French Guiana on 22 April at 21:02 GMT (23:02 CEST) and you can watch it live on the official ESA stream!!For those of you who want get

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Views 2015

Celebrating 1 year

Hey there!
It has been one year since we started,  so it’s time to celebrate and sum up the last year!!

Let’s start with a brief overview on our visitors for the year 2015:

Total Visitors: 4027

Total Views: 8175

Visitors from countries: 120

Visitors/Day: 11

Views/Day: 22

Here a map showing views per country over the

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