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Using StaMPS/MTI for PSI Analysis – Part 3: StaMPS

Dear all,

I have to apologize for the long hiatus. I am busy finishing my PhD thesis, and some time-demanding projects at work.

However, as promised, I have managed to continue the StaMPS-workflow documentation. I think that StaMPS is quite demanding for inexperienced people (mostly students starting to work with PSI) who

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How to install ESA SNAP on Ubuntu Linux

Today, someone who wants to switch from Windows to Linux asked me if I could help him run ESA SNAP on Ubuntu. I thought it would be interesting for the blog, too. For those who don’t know: ESA SNAP (Sentinel Application Platform) is the common architecture for all Sentinel Toolboxes.


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EO4Alps – The Alps from Space Workshop

Hi all,

I am currently attending the EO4Alps conference in Innsbruck, Austria. The objectives of this interesting workshop are:

  • Assessing the status and priority interests in the European Alpine Region for Earth Science, geo-information and operational monitoring;
  • Reviewing the main activities, projects and initiatives taking place in the different Alpine application

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