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Raster Info Tool based on Shiny R

Dear GIS enthusiasts!

As you already know, R is my favourite tool to work with spatial (raster) data. In some situations however, I am forced to move to a GIS desktop softwarer (à la QGIS) to get some basic information on my raster file. Since switching inbetween two softwares is annoying

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Minimalistic Leaflet

Minimalist Leaflet

Hey folks!

Today I am going to show you a tutorial for a minimalist and stylish Leaflet map. I call it minimalist because:

  • zooming, panning, dragging is disabled
  • I don’t use any basemap,
  • no tilelayer, just a simple white background

Sounds boring? I don’t think so, but have a look yourself! I will first talk

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geoserver logo

Geoserver REST API via R

Hey there,

I am back from my ‘summer hibernation’ with a tutorial on the Geoserver REST API. This API is  very useful if you want to upload large amounts of data into your geoserver at once. Of course you could use the Geoserver UI, but this allows you only to add

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Leaflet R package

Create a leaflet map using R


Today I would like to introduce you to the leaflet package for R. This package makes it easy to integrate and control Leaflet maps in R. In other words: You can create beautiful Leaflet maps with your data from inside R, without any knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc… Sounds

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Mapping African Conflicts using Leaflet

Hey there,

today I decided to do a little more advanced Leaflet turorial:

We will be using open source data in csv-format to generate a geojson file with R and finally create a web map using Leaflet.

If you dont want to use R, simply skip the first part and jump right into

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