Natural Hazard blog of the EGU NH division is online

Dear all,

in late December, the new blog of the Natural Hazards Division of the European Geoscience Union was officially introduced.

The blog is maintained on a voluntary basis by the Natural Hazards Early Career Scientist Team (NhET).

The blog is intended to feature posts on topics related to natural hazards, open discussions, job advertisements, training courses and much more on a regular basis. Since most of them will be aimed for Early Career Scientists, the blog could be a nice platform for young researchers working in this area.

Contributions covering topics in the broad area of natural hazards are welcome!

Concerning further information, you may want to consult

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Matthias studied Environmental Information Management at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. He is currently a PhD student working at the Austrian Institute of Technology. He currently focuses the (statistical) assessment of adverse weather events and natural hazards in the context of transportation infrastructure networks. His main interests are open source tools for geoinformation and data science.

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