IRS satellite data free of charge for scientific users

This could be interesting to some of you working in the scientific sector:

ESA and german GAF AG announced today, that IRS (Indian remote sensing satellites) data they supply in Europe, can be received free of charge by scientific users.

“Interested scientists can submit project proposals, together with associated data requirements, to ESA. Depending on the scientific relevance of the proposal, ESA will grant the project a quota for IRS data products.”

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Simon is a research assistant in the field of remote sensing at Technical University of Munich (TUM). Currently he is working on methods to describe reed ecosystem parameters with the help of hyperpectral and LiDAR data. Besides geoinformatics he loves to do outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing.

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  • I working on updating the GEO-spatial information for the Rabaul District beginning with Rabaul District, East New Britain Province in the country of Papua New Guinea. The data will be the basis for planning and decision-making for the agriculture development division with the administration. My work will include identifying agriculture, cash crops, settlement areas on land.

    The project will later move to the other 4 districts of the province.

    East New Britain is located on the Island of New Britain north of New Gunea. Our main centre is Rabaul Town.

    Chris Apisai 6 years ago Reply

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