Let’s simplify GIS! – A message from the author of LeafletJS

GIS is hard


Today I want to share a video with you, made by the creator of LeafletJS Vladimir Agafonkin.

LeafletJS is a web-mapping library that is used by various  big companies like foursquare, pinterest, usgs or even the wall street journal. It’s known for being lightweight, fast and really easy to use.

In this 13minutes long clip, that he initially prepared for the Geospatial World Forum workshop (May 28, 2015) and recently published on Youtube, he talks about the story behind LeafletJS, about his struggles in the beginning and all the obstacles he had to overcome. He says that GIS is hard and complex. He further states that LeafletJS is so successful because it’s simple and it focuses on the essentials needed by most people, which leads to higher quality. For him simplicity is the key to great new inventions, it means easier profiling, less bottlenecks and leads to better perfomance.

At the end of the video he asks the viewers for a favour to “make a collective conscious effort to simplify GIS technology so we can be happy and build more awesome stuff.”

I hope that the video inspires you for all your upcoming projects!






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Martin was born in Czech Republic and studied at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. He is currently working at GeoVille - an Earth Observation Company based in Austria, specialised in Land Monitoring. His main interests are: Open-source applications like R, (geospatial) statistics and data-management, web-mapping and visualization. He loves travelling, geocaching, photography and sports.

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