Links of the Week (2015/11)

Hey out there!

I’m back. Here are the Links of the Week:

  • As you’ve probably heard I’ve been in Innsbruck at AHM for a workshop about processing Green-LiDAR data. I was allowed to try out their yet unreleased software Hydro VISH. Still unstable, but it’s already a very powerful tool for processing and visualizing the laserscanning data. If you are interested, have a look at their website. They have some nice videos etc. If you are searching for an internship, the company could be the right one for you.
  • Preview to new and faster geoprocessing tools for vectors in QGIS 2.10
  • From Google Earth Blog: DigitalGlobe is now selling their new imagery with a resolution of 30 cm from World View-3 satellite.
  • Have a glimpse at the fascinating and beautiful data visualisations and maps on Bostonography! What they write about themselves: “Bostonography is at least a site for interesting visual representations of life and land in Greater Boston, and at best it exposes and explores the geographical sense of place in the city.”


That’s it for this week!
Have fun!


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Simon is a research assistant in the field of remote sensing at Technical University of Munich (TUM). Currently he is working on methods to describe reed ecosystem parameters with the help of hyperpectral and LiDAR data. Besides geoinformatics he loves to do outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing.

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