Links of the Week (2015/12)

Hello World!

This week I am taking over the Links of the Week, because Simon quite busy with a seminar he is attending. Let’s start! Here are some interesting links and webpages related to GIS I stumbled upon in the last couple of days:

  • Where are the ESA satellites? This cool website allows you to track all the satellites from ESA and get their current position in the earths orbit: ISS, Sentinel, Proba,…
  • is a website where you can find footage (in HD) from several cameras from the International Space Station ISS and other NASA related TV streams. You should definetly check it out, some of the footage is really stunning, here for example a view on Italy from the ISS:

    italy from the iss

    Italy from the ISS

  • A very intresting article was recently published on showing the damage that has been done in Syria by war analysed via satellite imagery. The author of this article shows two satellite images from Syria taken at night, one from early 2011 and the other one from 2015. The comparison of these two images shows that “the night sky is 83% darker because so much infrastructure has been destroyed, and millions were forced to flee their homes .”

That’s all for this week. I hope you enjoyed the links!

See you!

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