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Today I would like to briefly introduce you to the Sentinel-Hub powered by Sinergise.

It is a very powerful and easy to use tool for the search, exploitation and visualization of Sentinel data and can be accessed under the following link:

So what makes it so special? First of all it is very intuitive, even for people with little or now remote sensing knowledge. Furthermore the perfomance is stunning! Long loading times now belong to the past – a key feature which makes the exploration and visualization of Sentinel data fun. Here are the some of the core features of the platform:

Sentinel Playground

“A web viewer that allows rapid online viewing and access to the Sentinel-2 image archive, along with access to the EO data products.”

It’s very easy to change band combinations, contrast etc. Zoom to any location of the world, play around and save your extent as an image! Here an example:

EO Browser

Browse through a complete archive of Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3, ESA’s archive of Landsat 5, 7 and 8, global coverage of Landsat 8, Envisat Meris and Proba-V products in one place.

You can sarch and download all these great dataset in one place. Specify your location, time frame, cloud cover and get them all!


Sentinel Monitoring

“Analyze land changes based on worldwide archive od Sentinel-2 data and advanced tools such as “compare images” and time-lapse.”

Great tool for monitoring changes in the landscape. This example visualization for example shows you a change detection of the forest wildfire in Portugal made with the help of this tool:


You can get a full list of applications here:

And the best thing about it is that most of them are free to use. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.



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Martin was born in Czech Republic and studied at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. He is currently working at GeoVille - an Earth Observation Company based in Austria, specialised in Land Monitoring. His main interests are: Open-source applications like R, (geospatial) statistics and data-management, web-mapping and visualization. He loves travelling, geocaching, photography and sports.

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