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Leaflet R package

Create a leaflet map using R


Today I would like to introduce you to the leaflet package for R. This package makes it easy to integrate and control Leaflet maps in R. In other words: You can create beautiful Leaflet maps with your data from inside R, without any knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc… Sounds

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geoserver logo

Geoserver REST API via R

Hey there,

I am back from my ‘summer hibernation’ with a tutorial on the Geoserver REST API. This API is  very useful if you want to upload large amounts of data into your geoserver at once. Of course you could use the Geoserver UI, but this allows you only to add

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Efficient import of large csv files into R

Hey everybody,

after a short summer break we are ready to emerge from several weeks in the doldrums 🙂

If you are working with large data sets stored in .csv format, the files are likely to comprise hundreds of MB or several GB of data.
Importing these csv files using the common read.csv or

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Tidy vs Messy Data

Data Management with R {tidyr} – Part 1

Hello there!

Welcome to the first part of my series on data management with R. Today I am going to introduce the {tidyr} package that is used to prepare and clean data before further transformation steps are applied. Its main purpose is to make the underlying information more accessible and easier

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Flight connection Map wit R

Flight connection map with R

Hey folks,

I was recently asked how to visualize flight connections with R, so I decided to make a blog post with a short tutorial on this topic: The aim is to map all possible flight connections from the NYC JFK Airport to other major airports in the US. For this

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