EO4Alps – The Alps from Space Workshop

Hi all,

I am currently attending the EO4Alps conference in Innsbruck, Austria. The objectives of this interesting workshop are:

  • Assessing the status and priority interests in the European Alpine Region for Earth Science, geo-information and operational monitoring;
  • Reviewing the main activities, projects and initiatives taking place in the different Alpine application

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xgBoost for landcover classification in R

My favourite supervised classification method for land cover classification until now was the very popular Random Forest. Recently however, I stumbled upon the xgBoost algorithm which made me very curious because of its huge success on the machine learning competition platform Kaggle where it has won several competitions. Since I

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Orbital Reflector

Dear all,

after some time off we’re back – with some art:

On 3 December, Orbital Reflector (ORS-1) was launched aboard a Falcon-9 rocket, and will continue to orbit Earth for about two months. Orbital reflector is a  temporary satellite which does neither serve any scientific nor technical purpose. Rather, the installation

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