Thesis offense

Dear readers,

as you might have noticed, we’ve been on a short hiatus. I have been busy finishing my PhD, and I eventually defended my thesis at the end of October.

While I haven’t been actively writing for the blog, I have collected several interesting topics I’d like to feature here – mainly topics related to geocomputation with R, some interesting machine learning concepts, and some tools for climate data analysis.

Stay tuned for further information, more to come soon!


P.S.: Should anyone by any chance be interested in the humble contribution that is my thesis:

Image source: Randall Munroe (

About This Author

Matthias studied Environmental Information Management at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna and holds a PhD in environmental statistics. The focus of his thesis was on the statistical modelling of rare (extreme) events as a basis for vulnerability assessment of critical infrastructure. He is working at the Austrian national weather and geophysical service (ZAMG) and at the Institute of Mountain Risk Engineering at BOKU University. He currently focuses the (statistical) assessment of adverse weather events and natural hazards, and disaster risk reduction. His main interests are statistical modelling of environmental phenomena as well as open source tools for data science, geoinformation and remote sensing.


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  • Congratulations !!!

    Beichen Zhang 4 years ago Reply

  • Congratulations Matthias 🙂
    Well done!

    Martin 4 years ago Reply

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